omega replica watches's mastery of material innovation

One of the most unusual displays of the "Art of Fusion" was in the Classic Fusion Chronograph "Concrete Jungle", which uses concrete and epoxy resin.

omega replica watches's motto today is “The art of fusion” and this single principle is what drove the watch brand from a pairing of gold and rubber to the great success of the company. However, it was only in 2004, when the inimitable Jean-Claude Biver became CEO of omega replica watches , that the brand took a new turn and rose to another level. A watchmaking genius and saviour of the watch brand, Mr Biver sought to immediately create a new collection and a flagship model, the Big Bang chronograph. The rest is history, and the brand would not be where it is today without him. Ask Mr Beaver what is the one watch he will keep for the rest of his life and he will immediately answer that it is the prototype omega replica watches Big Bang Tourbillon, which he wears regularly. This was the starting point of his success at the Manufacture and the watch that guided omega replica watches and gave birth to the entire omega replica watches collection. According to him, it is the watch that has brought him the most luck in the industry and the one he will never part with.

Jean-Claude Biver’s prototype of therichard mille replica watches Bigger Bang Tourbillon. (Photo: Phillips)

It is under his guidance that the concept of “the art of fusion” will incarnate the future of omega replica watches watches, becoming a meeting point for many different materials such as gold, titanium, carbon, ceramic, rubber&hellip.

Innovative materials

omega replica watches's innovation in high-tech omega replica watches materials began in 2010 when the brand acquired BNB Concepts and its founder Mathias Buttet, who was appointed omega replica watches's R&D director and given enormous resources to start experimenting with materials. Dubbed "Confrérie Horlogère omega replica watches”, omega replica watches's R&D office is more of a laboratory than a department within the Manufacture; and has been described as the F1 team of watchmaking, how important is this for omega replica watches? The team is made up of 30 watchmakers, design engineers, micro-kinetic and micro-chemical technicians, who are coordinated by omega replica watches CEO Ricardo Guadalupe and led by Mathias Buttet.

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